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  • Morris Komakech

    October 4, 2021 at 3:23 PM

    Hello Sunny,

    My nick name is @King from Kampala Uganda. I love people and working with people. I have background in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Currently working as in charge Human Resource & Administration.

    I have gained passion to work in HR and have a vision to grow and develop in this field. I have a vision to become a Consultant in the near future. I have decided to take this certification – HRBP Advanced to gain practical knowledge and skills in the different HR functions. I am taking this course along my MBA program.

    I am optimistic that once I achieve my study programs, I would be well positioned to compete and contribute to the profession as well.

    I look forward to learning, meeting and creating networks with all the interesting minds in here.

    Just in case you are visiting Uganda:)). You already have a friend to trust:)) !!!