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    Posted by Joel Martin on May 26, 2021 at 2:28 PM


    Reserved people seem self-reliant and independent when work is going well.

    However under pressure they appear calm while others are emotional and overwrought.

    Sometimes this can be misunderstood and be seen as being reclusive, uncommunicative and aloof.

    Employees who score high on this scale often deal with stress by dropping off the radar, acting unsociable and limiting close relationships, or behaving indifferently to others’ feelings.


    People who are leisurely often react to stress with passive aggression or by resisting feedback. These employees are generally the type who can smile even when they are privately angry.

    They might say one thing and do another, and they can become annoyed if other people get in the way of their agendas, which are typically kept private.

    Moving Against

    People who respond to stress by moving against other people manage self-doubt by manipulating and charming others. This behavior is characterized by four HDS scales: Bold, Mischievous, Colorful, and Imaginative.


    Mischievous people will treat their clients and colleagues with respect and support. These are people who enjoy testing the limits and who aren’t afraid to take risks.

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