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    Posted by Joel Martin on May 25, 2021 at 6:41 PM

    πŸ”” Lets look at some of the behaviors we talked about yesterday.


    Excitable people are likely to show passion, energy, and enthusiasm at work

    when things are going well. But they’re unlikely to remain calm and level-headed when they become stressed.

    The overtly excited employees, who generally display passion, energy and enthusiasm at work when things are going well are also the employees who may become stressed when things are not going well and are unlikely to remain calm and level-headed.

    These employees are prone to emotional swings and volatility when faced with pressure, and they might even quit when frustrated.

    They can easily become disappointed with projects or other people and can be difficult to soothe.

    They might get hung up on past mistakes or decisions, seeming as though they lack direction or perseverance.


    Skeptical people think about and analyze the motives and intentions of others, and they challenge assumptions.

    At their worst, they might be overly critical or even suspicious of their colleagues, worrying that others are lying, cheating, or stealing.

    This mistrust of other people and organizations might lead them to obsess over what could possibly go wrong and to avoid taking action when it’s needed.


    Most occupations require people to use caution β€” however, certain people tend to cling too tightly to rules and protocol.

    Cautious people react to stress by avoiding people or difficult situations, which may cause them discomfort and hence avoid decisions for fear of criticism.

    They might require second or third opinions when additional opinions are unwarranted, or they might allow others to drive decisions or push them around

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