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    Posted by Joel Martin on May 24, 2021 at 6:03 PM

    Job related stress is a major problem faced by people worldwide.

    As many as 60% of workers in the major global economies reported experiencing stress at work, and in the United States, a staggering 80% of workers say they are stressed because of their jobs.

    Bright Side Vs. Dark Side

    We come across various people at work. When it comes to employee management.

    Understanding behavioral traits, is a necessity for managing employees effectively.

    Managing employees effectively will help bring about lower attrition rates.

    lets take a look at some of the behaviors.

    Bright-side personality characteristics are what you see on an everyday basis. These are the elements of employees’ personalities that likely impressed you during the selection process β€” characteristics such as tactfulness, self-confidence, or detail orientation, for example.

    The dark side of personality is what emerges when the pressure is on. These characteristics come out when people stop monitoring their behavior or when they are dealing with insecurities.

    Another way to think of dark-side personality characteristics is as overused strengths. When facing significant stress, an employee who is typically tactful might become passive aggressive, another’s self-confidence could manifest as arrogance, and a person hired for detail orientation might become prone to micromanaging.

    These behaviors obviously can cause problems in the organisation.

    Lets take a look at 11 dark-side personality characteristics that can be categorized into three groups based on how people react to conflict: Moving Away, Moving Against, and Moving Toward.

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