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    Posted by Joel Martin on February 22, 2021 at 5:07 PM

    Getting down to the topic/conversation is absolutely essential in a busy corporate world, where HR communicate with the need to get things done absolutely immediately.

    However there are certain communication basics that need to be followed in order to ensure the outcome of the meeting has its desired effect.

    Use people’s names: It’s important to remember people names and use it more frequently while communicating.

    People, are more receptive when they hear their names. Conversations that can be very long can sometimes disrupt focus. Using a person’s name will help ensure you snap their attention back to focus. Thank people by using their names, for ex: Thank you ‘………’ as opposed to thank you for coming.

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    Smile: We gravitate towards people who are smiling. Dopamine produced from one smile is equivalent to dopamine produced by 2000 chocolate bars. While this means staying healthy. It’s also a way to ensure that people feel comfortable around us and respond to us.

    Look at people when they are talking: Maintain eye contact while communicating. It’s essential in any form of business. Where HR professionals come in contact with people on daily basis. It’s essential to maintain eye contact and when I say eye contact I don’t mean a gazing look or a Bruce Lee, stare.

    Body Language: Body language while communicating, assists in delivering information with ease. Body language assists a person to communicate in a more dynamic manner, adding flare to the communication style and delivering information in a more impactful manner. ✌😊

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