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Get all the resources you need to flawlessly execute powerful HR projects and succeed in your HR career

Stop being confused about HR and grow massively in your career

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The world runs on knowledge and skills. As long as your own knowledge & skills are a limiting factor, you won’t be able to grow in your career.
This is a huge problem for HR professionals looking to succeed.
Google searches on your HR questions return millions of irrelevant results.
What you need is a clear, step-by-step walkthrough of HR topics, problems, solutions and templates and documents that you can actually use. You need this to be done by HR experts – who are in the field of HR, and not by academics and professors. You need ready and available help to solve your HR queries.

You can try searching on Google

Google searches on your HR questions return millions of irrelevant results. And nobody is really sharing what you need. The nitty gritty details of what you actually need as an HR professional.

You can pursue a new degree course

University level courses are expensive, often costing millions, but are also not relevant or applicable to your daily work.

You can ask your colleagues or in your WhatsApp groups

Informal groups can share useful links or pdfs, but can they sit you down for an hour and really explain what you need to know about a topic

CHRMP CPD Membership Will Help You:

Keep up with HR Trends

An HR Professional has their task cut out for them, in supporting the human capital within the organisation while leveraging the latest developments in the field of HR. The extensive collection of resources/templates and policies in CHRMP Resource Hub having immediate workplace relevance is a vital instrument to showcase your HR team’s higher-order thinking skills.

Fast-track Your HR Career

As an HR Professional, it is important to keep yourself on your toes. With constant exposure to industry-specific best practices through regular interaction with industry experts, panel discussions, and the thriving HR community, CHRMP CPD Membership offers the most relevant insights and learnings in the domain of HR.

Develop New Age Competencies

The series of CHRMP CPD Masterclasses conducted 12-15 times a month will drive vital competencies of workplace proficiency, technology efficaciousness, and business acumen in your HR teams making them effective business partners.

This is the missing link in your career. The work that you need to put in.

How to use CPD to quickly grow your career?

There’s no fluff, no clickbait. Once you have a CPD membership, you have all access to extremely detailed walkthroughs, videos, templates which you need to excel in your HR career.

With a CPD Membership, you can easily meet your career goals without wasting your time hunting for what you need.

Easily create HR Documents, Forms from Templates

Just lightly edit the HR Documents, Forms & Templates available as a part of your CPD Membership. Or delegate it to your team member or an intern. If they can read and use a computer, they will be able to successfully complete the task with 99% accuracy.

Instantly launch a new HR initiative

Follow the walkthroughs and guided steps from the masterclasses to instantly launch new HR initiatives that might be missing in your organisation’s HR toolkit.

Improve credentials in your CV

Become a card carrying member of the CPD by CHRMP. Add a digital badge to your LinkedIn profile and add the CPD logo in your resume under ‘Memberships’.

Increase your confidence in team meetings & presentations

Keep pace with the cutting edge techniques and concepts in HR and impress your boss and colleagues by sharing new ideas in meetings and presentations.

Increase HR approval in your organisation

Implement proven best practices in the world of HR to streamline your HR sytems and processes and garner the benefits of increased recognition.

We did all the work for you, you just take all the credit

Our members report something changes the minute they start using the resources they gain access to with the CPD Membership. Suddenly, jargon and words that were confusing for years become clear and they start focusing on career growth and professional development with a new perspective.

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[Just 291/Month - Your Netflix For HR Professional Growth!]

Basic Yearly Membership




Premium Yearly Membership



[Just 291/Month - Your Netflix For HR Professional Growth!]


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