HRBP Advanced Learning Path

A steady career progression: Become a Human Resource Business Partner.

CHRMP HRBP Advanced certification equips you with essential skills needed to become effective HR Business Partners and play a strategic role in organisational decision making. The certification covers all the major domains within HR that impact organisational effectiveness. We have outlined a recommended Learning Path to enable our HRBP participants to acquire the much-needed competencies in a more structured manner.
Once you complete all the courses , you can take the Mock Test as a tool for self assessment.

Mock Test (Optional)

In order to unlock the HRBP mock test, it is mandatory to “complete” every lesson in all the courses of HRBP Advanced. 

To understand the steps for completing the course, please visit the following page:

Final Certification Exam (Mandatory)

Once you are ready to write the final Certification exam, please follow the procedure laid down for scheduling the exam.

To understand the procedure in detail, please visit the following page:

We strongly recommend that you showcase your CHRMP Digital credentials on your Linkedin profile to get greater visibility.

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Frequently Asked Question

Case 1: It might reflect as ‘in progress’ in a case where you have completed the course but not marked each episode of the course as complete. To complete the course, follow these steps

Case 2: If you have marked all the episodes of the course as complete and it is still showing as ‘in progress’ or the course completion percentage is not reflecting as 100%, you should try clearing your browser’s cache. To learn more about clearing cache, click here.

Rescheduling of the exam date happens on a case to case basis. You can reach out to us by raising a ticket at with your request and we will reschedule your exam date on a case to case basis.

The turnaround time for getting the certification and the other digital credentials is 10 days from the day that you write your exam.

Every global certification has to be recertified in order to maintain its validity. To know the procedure of recertification, click here.
If you see ‘not enrolled’ on a course, you can try clearing your browser cache and if the problem still persists you are requested to raise a ticket under the Academy Technical Issue department.
Your certification fee includes one attempt at the final certification exam. In case of an unsuccessful first attempt, you can reattempt the examination by paying an additional re-examination fee.

You can link your CHRMP digital credentials with your LinkedIn account in two ways. To know more about how you can link your digital credentials click here.

The CHRMP certification is valid for a period of three years from the date of issue. To know more, click here.