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Digital HR Part 2 [Free Masterclass]

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In order to understand the growing relevance of Digital Transformation of HR for achieving organizational excellence, It is imperative to study the field of Digital HR from different perspectives.

Video 1- Insights into Digital HR

The ensuing video carries a detailed explanation on the following:

  • Goal of HR Digital Transformation
  • Role of the HR Professionals
  • Steps involved in creating an HR Digital Strategy
  • Challenges to the digital transformation of HR

Video 2- Questions & Answers

The following video includes the Questions & Answers session between the facilitator and the participants.

Video 3- In-Class Activity and Case Discussions

The video includes an In-Class activity in which participants work together as teams. This is followed by two case discussions led by the facilitator.


  • HR’s Digital transformation serves to automate processes , thus helping the HRs use the freed up time to pursue other critical and strategic objectives .
  • The aim of Digital HR is to bring a shift from HR experience to employee experience.
  • The HR function is responsible not only for its own transformation but also ensuring that a culture of change and innovation is created and sustained across the organization.
  • A well thought out and planned strategy for creating the Digital HR can help overcome the various roadblocks posing a challenge to its implementation.

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