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  • Shraddha Singh

    September 12, 2023 at 12:14 PM
    1. To
      identify the specific skills gaps among its employees
      , ABC
      Manufacturing can conduct a skill assessment survey among employees,
      monitor their performance, and gather feedback from managers.
    2. HR
      can implement skill-based training strategies for current
      after analyzing the data and feedback. This training can be conducted
      in-house, externally, or a combination of both, depending on the data.
    3. HR
      might face challenges in convincing employees to embrace upskilling
      as employees may resist due to their comfort zone. This resistance can be
      overcome through proper communication and education about the benefits and
      the current market scenario. Offering monetary incentives can also
      motivate employees to upskill.
    4. Should
      the company prioritize hiring external talent with the required

      skills, they should pay competitive or higher compensation to retain them,
      especially for critical positions.
    5. To
      measure the success of their upskilling initiatives,
      HR should track
      KPIs and gather feedback from employees.
    6. Technology
      and online learning platforms can play a crucial role in
      the skills gap by providing virtual training, including AI-based
    7. HR
      should be aware of legal and compliance considerations
      implementing these strategies. Training methods must comply with
      regulations, including labor laws, and stay updated on any new

    In conclusion, the above approach can effectively address the skills gap at ABC Manufacturing, creating a more adaptable workforce for emerging technologies and industries.

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