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  • Sunny Suman

    February 25, 2024 at 9:58 AM

    Hey @raksha ,

    Thank you for reaching out for advice and guidance to the CHRMP community.

    Begin by setting Clear Goals: Begin by setting clear goals for organisation.

    Break It Down: Once you’ve got your big-picture goals, break them down into individual objectives.

    Choose Your Tools: Decide on how you’ll measure these goals. There are many tools out there – 360-degree feedback, self-evaluations, or manager assessments.

    Give Feedback: Regular check-ins are crucial. Think of them as stopping points along your treasure hunt where you can reassess your map, make sure everyone is healthy, and adjust the sails if needed.

    Nurture and Grow: Identify gaps and areas the employees can grow. Offer training, workshops, or mentoring to help them polish their skills.

    What was missing: When goals are met, celebrate! And when they’re not, gather around, discuss what went wrong, and how you can avoid those storms in the future.

    Keep Evolving: Your startup will grow and change, and so should your appraisal system. Regularly review and tweak it to ensure it remains relevant. It’s like updating your treasure map based on the new landscapes you discover.

    For the nitty-gritty, such as setting performance benchmarks and offering support to bridge performance gaps, there are many tools and recorded sessions. It suggests a structured approach involving planning, monitoring, developing, and rewarding efforts towards organizational goals​.

    Would love to hear how others are navigating this journey. Any tools or practices that have been a game-changer for your startup?

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