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  • Indrani Nath

    February 28, 2024 at 5:15 PM

    Hello Raksha,

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    You can implement the 180 degree review between the manager and the subordinate.

    Let me help you with more detailed information about the performance factors, weightage, rating scale and scoring framework that you can use to consolidate the appraisal process.


    Performance factors refer to the specific criteria or attributes used to assess an individual’s performance in their role within an organization. These factors are used to measure an employee’s effectiveness, competency, and contribution to achieving organizational goals.

    Performance factors are typically aligned with the responsibilities, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the employee’s role and may vary depending on the nature of the job and the organization’s priorities.

    Performance factors can be standardised for a team or department. This standardisation might vary from team to team/dept to dept depending on their contribution in achieving organisational goals.

    Performance Factors for a team can be divided into technical factors(core to the role) and behavioural factors.

    The Behavioural factors can be aligned to the organisational values and can be standardised for the entire organisation.

    You may distribute weightage for these two factors in the following way : Technical (60%-70%) & Behavioural(40%-30%)


    Weightage refers to the relative importance or priority assigned to different performance factors or criteria. When performance factors are weighted, it means that each factor is assigned a numerical value or percentage that reflects its significance in the overall evaluation process.

    By assigning different weights to performance factors, organizations can emphasize certain aspects of performance that are particularly critical to success in a specific role or within the organization as a whole.

    The weightage assigned to the performance factors must depend on the role and the organisational goals that the role has to achieve.

    The total weightage for all the performance factors should add up to 100%.


    A scoring framework is a structured system used to assign numerical scores or ratings to various performance factors or criteria.

    The numerical scores or ratings is left to the organisation’s discretion. It can be either 1(Poor) – 5 (Excellent) or Strongly Disagree(1) – Strongly Agree(4) for the performance factors.

    The aggregate of all the scores is calculated. This number is then mapped to the rating scale to identify where an individual’s performance falls.


    A rating scale categorizes performance into broader levels or categories and assigns a single rating based on where the individual’s performance falls within those categories.

    The rating scale is left to the discretion of the organisation. It can be

    • Unsatisfactory/Needs Improvement: Performance consistently falls below expectations and requires significant improvement. Employee fails to meet job requirements and may require additional training or support.

    • Below Expectations: Performance is below satisfactory levels and requires improvement in several areas. Employee demonstrates weaknesses in some aspects of job performance but may also show strengths in other areas.

    • Meets Expectations/Competent/Proficient: Performance meets the established standards and expectations for the role. Employee consistently demonstrates competence and effectiveness in most areas of job performance.

    • Exceeds Expectations/Highly Effective: Performance consistently exceeds expectations and demonstrates a high level of competency and effectiveness. Employee consistently goes above and beyond job requirements and achieves exceptional results.

    • Outstanding/Exceptional: Performance far exceeds expectations and consistently demonstrates exceptional competence, initiative, and contribution. Employee sets a high standard for performance and significantly contributes to the success of the team and organization.

    These can be further described in details.

    Each of these scales can be assigned a numerical range. This numerical range should be aligned to the scoring framework. It should have a minimum and a maximum limit.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions !

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