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  • Indrani Nath

    February 29, 2024 at 1:15 PM

    You are welcome Raksha!

    Please find the answers to your questions:

    1. Should I start the process by sending the appraisal form to everyone?

    Yes you should initiate the appraisal process by sending out the relevant appraisal forms to the managers, subordinates and other participants of the appraisal process.Before that I am assuming that you have communicated how the process will be along with the timelines.

    2. After I receive the filled forms, the final ratings should be seen? so if on a scale of 1-5-the rating for an employee is 3 and if 3 corresponds to an 8 percent hike, the salary should be revised accordingly?and then the appraisal letters should be sent out, along with making changes in the database etc about the revised salary?

    Yes, if the final rating received by the employee is 3 and if it corresponds to 8% hike, then the salary must be revised accordingly.

    The appraisal letters must be sent out mentioning the results of the appraisal process and the corresponding hike.The effective date of implementing the new hike must also be mentioned.

    Generally organisations implement the new salary from the following financial year.So the database gets adjusted accordingly by then.

    In case you seek any further assistance, please feel free to write to me at indrani.nath@rippleslearning.com

    Thank You!

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