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    Posted by Joel Martin on July 12, 2021 at 7:50 PM

    One particular report on organisational psychology, talks about an organisation that seems ineffective without having a certain kind of people, who rebel against the system.

    These people often reffered to as misfits, blacksheep or even pirates are the reason organisations such as PIXAR, Apple computers,the US navy etc continue to deliver amazingly brilliant innovations.

    It is these rebels/pirates or blacksheep, who are often dismissed because they rebel against a sytem that just fits and sits well.

    However for some of these rebels, ‘well’ isnt enough.

    PIXAR animations is one example of an organisation that tends to recruit people who have an attitude that sets them apart from others.

    When it comes to innovating, or pointing out changes that need to be made in the organisation system, it takes a special somebody to stand up and go that extra mile.

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