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  • Joel Martin

    February 10, 2021 at 6:04 PM

    Generally speaking, job seekers out there looking for a job would apply at various job websites to land their next job.

    However, to get noticed by a particular organization of our choice, what would it take? People sometimes comment they got hired into an organization, since they knew someone in the organization.

    That being a fact.

    Some of us might not know people in an organization that we would like to be a part of.

    Out of the thousands of eligible applications that land on the recruiters table, only a few make it through

    A study shows that 94% of recruiters use social media for recruiting.

    73% of Millennials found their last job through a social network.

    Candidates sourced from social networks were rated by 59% of recruiters as β€˜highest quality’.


    It’s not just the resume or profile that needs to be lurking in the background of a social media site for a recruiter to spot you.

    Can you think of some techniques that you can implement on a social networking site to get noticed.

    Take a guess!!

    If you could promote yourself on websites, how would you go about doing it?

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