Always on-😄🙄

  • Always on-😄🙄

    Posted by Joel Martin on April 27, 2021 at 4:30 PM

    👉Remote working employees are 1.27 times more likely to struggle to disconnect from work, than employees in the on-site world. Employees are struggling to know when and how to switch off at the end of their workday, with 40% of remote employees reporting an increase in the length of their workday in the past 12 months.

    ✍This phenomenon is exacerbated when HR leaders adopt monitoring systems: Knowledge workers, for example, who feel tracked are 94% more likely to sometimes pretend to be working due to the pressure to be “always on.”

    😆“Imagine driving a car and a squirrel jumps in front of your car every 40 seconds. That’s your digital distraction. Now add a passenger next to you who won’t stop talking. That’s your virtual overload. Finally, put this car on a highway with no exit signs. That’s your always-on mindset.

    So you’re in a car that’s start-stopping every 40 seconds, with a passenger who won’t stop talking and there’s no way to take it off the road. Wouldn’t that make you tired?”

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