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  • Joel Martin

    April 19, 2021 at 5:48 PM

    Mental health issues for many employees across the globe has become a major concern.

    Some organisations are implementing wellness programs, providing healthy snacks and virtual online wellness seminars for its employees.

    However one particular organisation has decided to do something more for its employees and go a few steps further in its quest to improve employee wellness: it is paying workers more to practice healthy habits. It will be spent on healthy foods and relaxation.

    The company offers mobile apps that are tailored to health coaches, employers, and individual consumers, among others. It uses technology such as machine learning to power its products.

    As an employer, the organisation empowers its employees to take full control over their health and wellness in an effort to maintain good habits and avoid burnout. To take part, each employee is required to track their sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition routines.

    CEO: “We incentivize healthy biomarkers (via a simple blood draw), a healthcare assessment survey, and achieving a monthly average of 7,500 LIFE Points. LIFE Points are earned by practising mindfulness, eating fruits and vegetables, intermittent fasting, sleeping, and exercise.”

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