HR teams are turning to AI to filter resumes.🙂

  • HR teams are turning to AI to filter resumes.🙂

    Posted by Joel Martin on March 31, 2021 at 7:17 PM

    HR teams are turning to AI to filter resumes.

    It was inevitable: When companies made it simple to apply for a job online, applications poured in.

    AI is short for artificial intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence has become the new tool of human resource, employee selection.

    Human resources are increasingly turning to AI systems to pluck out the candidates deemed to be good fits.

    ✌💡How it works

    Predictive hiring tools evaluate resumes by finding keywords related to categories like skills, experience and education and weighting them according to the job requirements and any other factors the hiring company has specified.

    The system may weight applicants who have worked at certain companies more positively.

    It may infer how old a skill seems to be from where it appears in a job history.

    Artificial intelligence is used to understand what people mean to say — for example, if Carleton is a person’s name, an alma mater or a company the applicant worked for.

    The software systems can be less biased than human screeners because they can be programmed to ignore characteristics like age, sex, race and other protected categories.

    🙌How Job seekers can rewrite their resumes to get a better response from recruiters.

    Making it through the automated screening can require tailoring your résumé, not just the cover letter, to each job you are applying for.

    in your résumé the same keywords, or similar ones, that the job posting uses
    for the knowledge, skills, experience and duties involved.

    Use the most
    relevant keywords in your most recent job listed. If you mention data analytics
    in a job 10 years ago but not in more recent work, the algorithm may give it
    less weight.

    Words like “significant,” “strong” and “mastery”
    in a job description can be clues that those skills will be weighted heavily,
    so they should be emphasized in your résumé and included on your descriptions
    of your more current experience.

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