Investing in learning agility: HR Professionals.💡📚

  • Investing in learning agility: HR Professionals.💡📚

    Posted by Joel Martin on February 18, 2021 at 3:26 PM

    ‘Learning agility’ can be described as a mindset that allows people to continually develop their understanding, to grow, and to use new strategies that will equip them for the increasingly complex problems they face in their organizations.

    Why is learning agility important for organizations?

    1) The organization wont change if employees are not ready to learn.

    2) Learning agility is a predictor for long-term success and boosts profit margins.

    3) Learning agility helps to keep up with the competition.

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    Your organization cannot change if your people cannot learn. We frequently see this in terms of new technology. People may resist a new system implementation even when the new system is clearly better than the old one.

    Learning agility is a top predictor of high potential and long-term success, and companies with the greatest rates of high learning agile executives produce 25% higher profit margins than their peers.

    Competition that continuously upskill and keep up with the knowledge market will dominate with efficient products.⏳

    To avoid collapse, businesses need agile learners.

    How is your organization helping you to be a better learner ? 😀

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