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    Posted by Joel Martin on May 11, 2021 at 2:15 PM

    In the last years, there has not been a lot of focus on productivity. We see a slow change at the horizon.

    Traditionally, capacity problems have been solved by recruiting new people. This is generally noticed in fast growing organisations.

    🧨This has led to several problems.

    🦉As the growth is limited by the ability to find new people, the selection criteria are often unconsciously lowered, as many people are needed fast.

    🪔These new people are not as productive as the existing crew. Because you have more people, you need more managers. Lower quality people and more managers lowers productivity.

    Another approach is, to focus more on increasing the productivity of the existing employees, instead of hiring additional staff, and on improving the selection criteria.

    ✔Using people analytics, we can try to find the characteristics of top performing people and teams, and the conditions that facilitate top performance.

    These findings can be used to increase productivity and to select candidates that have the characteristics of top performers.

    🔔When productivity increases, you need less people to deliver the same results.

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