Training for engagement✌

  • Training for engagement✌

    Posted by Joel Martin on July 29, 2021 at 8:37 PM

    Training is a vital part of any growing organization, and key to good employee engagement.

    Employers with higher levels of employee engagement have found that investing in training is smart business.

    Well-trained, engaged employees translate into higher productivity, increased efficiency and more innovation.

    But many times, due to budget constraints, the role of the trainer often falls to a manager or a talented staffer.

    Some may have no experience training, while others may see themselves as veterans.

    One of the biggest mistakes trainers make is giving a presentation instead of a training session. Lecturing in front of a room doesn’t make for a good training session.

    It makes for a boring lecture, which the audience is going to check out on and not retain.

    In fact, most trainers spend two-thirds of their training session lecturing.

    But if you truly want learning to take place, it’s best to give your trainees time to discuss things, move around, act on their ideas and teach and learn from each other.

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