Transition phase for HR😊👏

  • Transition phase for HR😊👏

    Posted by Joel Martin on May 21, 2021 at 4:15 PM

    The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted organizations and caused human resources managers to think differently about their role as they adjust to social distancing practices and a new work environment that they may never have imagined.

    HR managers are trying to keep their workers productive, motivated, engaged and connected.

    Techniques to assist employees are being set up, by providing for the health and wellbeing of employees and their families.

    An orgnisation has –

    contracted with physicians in cities where workers are based to ensure that a doctor is quickly available to provide care, as well as to advocate for them if they become ill and need to visit a hospital. The company covers any testing and treatment costs associated with COVID-19 for employees and their families.

    IT has established online resources and telehealth.

    (Online abstract) “Our internal benefits team has begun a ‘white glove’ service for employees, should they need it, to help connect them with any of our resources so they get assistance quickly.

    We also provide manager resources for leaders to help keep their teams focused and connected and have encouraged daily touch point meetings, virtual coffee breaks and more frequent organizational meetings,”

    The company has also revised its contingency plans to include scenarios such as the possibility that workers with specific capabilities and skills may be absent.

    HR should remember that the current increase in remote work shouldn’t be considered normal; usually, parents don’t have to care for children while working from an organisation.

    “Right now, we are going through essentially a societal crisis, and HR managers should be mindful that this is not remote work as usual,” Larson said.

    Usually companies train workers on how to be productive while working from home, and employees opt in to that kind of work. “None of that has happened here.”

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