What does commuting do to our personal lives.✌🙂

  • What does commuting do to our personal lives.✌🙂

    Posted by Joel Martin on June 22, 2021 at 7:38 PM

    It’s rare to find any of us that enjoy our commute, and the removal of it as so many have had to work from home during Covid has been one of the undisputed perks of Covid life. As you might expect, however, things are seldom as straightforward as they seem.

    For instance, research from the University of Cambridge highlights how our commute can provide us with a great way to clearly demarcate our professional and personal lives.

    The researchers argue that our commute actually plays a vital role in helping us transition from our work life to our personal life, thus greatly helping our work-life balance. Indeed, the commute is especially important for those who struggle with work-family conflicts.

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