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chrmpteam · July 9, 2020

What You’ll Learn From Learning & Development

As a student, you’ll get a few great benefits from being here:

  • Manage the L&D function for an organisation using the ADDIE Model.
  • Conduct training needs analysis and deliver reports   
  • Implement experiential learning techniques using Kolb’s model to bring about positive change
  • Apply adult learning principles in designing training programs.
  • Create L1 feedback forms and L2 pre-/post-training self-evaluation forms.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs at various levels of Kirkpatrick’s model
  • Prepare Training Calendar for an organisation
  • Use the different stages of Skill Development for finding the right training programs

Here is what we will focus on during this module 

  • Introduction to Learning and Development.
  • DNA of training – KSA.
  • Four levels of skill development.
  • Types of training 
  • Approaches to training.
  • ADDIE – an introduction to the phases.
  • Analysis:
    • Methods
    • Triangulation
    • Report
  • Design:
    • Learning styles
    • Kolb’s experiential learning cycle
    • Bloom’s taxonomy
    • Designing training plans
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation (criteria of evaluation, methods and Kirkpatrick’s Model)
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    1. Hello Surabhi,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      I’m glad that you find this platform a trusted source to learn about Human Resource Management.

      Our goal is to provide high-quality and informative resources to help individuals enhance their HR knowledge and skills.

      Happy Learning!

  1. one of the most comprehensive modules of the course. really enjoyed learning about the addie model for training from a pratical and conceptual standpoint, and how various other concepts, theories like bloom’s taxanomy, kirkpatrick evaluation etc come into picture

    1. It’s fantastic to hear that you found the module on the ADDIE model and other foundational theories such as Bloom’s taxonomy and Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model enriching! At CHRMP, we are passionate about providing practical and comprehensive learning experiences that not only enrich your knowledge but also equip you with tools and strategies directly applicable in your professional journey. If you’re keen to dive deeper into any of these areas or have any specific aspects you’d like to explore further, let us assist you in continuing your growth journey with even more tailored resources and guidance. Keep harnessing your potential with your insatiable curiosity and drive for excellence—your pathway to becoming an HR leader is illuminated with such enriching endeavors!

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