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  • Divya J

    December 8, 2020 at 9:32 PM

    Firstly, it has become hard to track the level of recognition in workplace in recent times.

    Recognition is usually equated with Reward, although they are related, I believe Rewards are Tangible with monetary value and Recognition is a priceless gesture with emotional value.

    Some good practices I feel may be:

    1 Don’t miss out to say “Thank you” & ” Well Done” – verbal, written or an E card.

    2 Corporate Wellness Programme

    3 Compile a video of employees sharing their experiences and likes and dislikes about the company, letting them be the stars.

    4 Reward and motivate creativity from time to time.

    5 “Wall of Fame or Super Star of the Week” section in the company magazine/ webpage.

    6 Given the WFH scenario, recognising Punctuality and diligence is very important.

    7 Companies should donate to environmental and social causes, this exudes a good vibe to the company and the employees get a feel good reason to work with the company.

    Feel free to suggest/ comment on my thoughts 🙂