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    Posted by Joel Martin on May 27, 2021 at 6:21 PM

    Colourful people:

    Are capable of entertaining clients and colleagues with their enthusiasm. However the workplace isnt always a party place, come workplace pressures and the workplace can be a less than desirable place for people of this behaviour.

    They can become self absorbed and obnoxious.

    They might respond to stress by speaking out of turn and expecting others to appreciate their performances. They can lose focus easily and might cause distraction for others, too, when they dramatically demand the spotlight.


    Imaginative people are bright, strikingly original, and often full of inventive ideas and insights. Outside-the-box thinking isn’t always necessary, though, and people who score high on this scale can get absorbed in ideas that might seem novel to them but eccentric or offbeat to others.

    They might assert that they have a unique vision that others don’t share, become easily bored and overconfident in their ability to solve problems creatively, launch initiatives without following up on them, or lose people while trying to explain their ideas.

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