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    Posted by Joel Martin on March 12, 2021 at 5:55 PM

    •Self-perception: who am I?

    •The window into you – how do others really see you? Do they see what you think they see? Do they see what you want them to see?

    •Who am I – the real you as people see you

    The Johari Window is a very useful way of understanding how our self may be divided into four parts that we and others may or may not see.

    Johari Window

    Below is a diagram of the standard Johari Window. It shows the four different selves and how the levels of self-awareness and how others are aware of this self lead to these four categories.

    A person with the “open self” quadrant bigger than other quadrants are the most open, self-aware (small blind-self), extroverted, together and relaxed of all personas. They are comfortable with themselves and are not troubled/ashamed with others seeing them for their true self. Because of this comfort level, they are able to focus on their goals better. It takes courage for people to be able to explore and accept their true selves, and to accept other’s view of themselves.

    Increased self-disclosure (“open self”) – sharing information about yourself, either consciously or unconsciously – tends to increase self-awareness.

    When there is disagreement between the self and others, it creates a blind spot – you can’t see yourself the way others see you. This must be minimized through self-analysis and reflection.

    Are You Sending the Wrong Signals?

    Many of us have times when we are misunderstood. People perceive us as cold and unfriendly when we’re really just feeling shy, as flirtatious when we’re just trying to be friendly, or as depressed when we’re just tired. Being misunderstood is largely a problem of a lack of information—not communicating effectively with the people around you through your words and body language

    How to Build More Self-Awareness & a Stronger Culture Using the Johari  Window | Successful Culture

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