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  • Leading positively to gain momentum

    Posted by Joel Martin on February 15, 2021 at 6:03 PM

    While most of us think about how do we go about fostering positive emotions in our workplace here are a few points that may help?

    When it comes to giving feedback to employees, there is always the concern about how to give feedback to the employee.

    1.) Harvard business school says that top performing teams are ones that give each other more than 5 positive comments for every critical one.

    2.) Write notes of recognition to your employees, hand written notes work best. A simple gesture to congratulate them on a task.

    3)Offer to help,

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    4.)Be a mentor and share your knowledge,

    In a world where competition thrives, helping employees by offering wisdom and insights will instigate the upward reciprocity that makes business thrive.

    It may help in developing positive characteristics in the workplace.

    It will add to the positive emotions that make a business grow.

    5.) Publicly acknowledge gratitude: to employees on work completed.

    Whether through an appreciation program, monthly announcements, or by appreciating employees in front of customers. Public acknowledgement feels good.

    Individualize: Individual attention, praise and rewards, play a role in uplifting employee morale.

    Individual attention should be seen as a motivator that uplifts the spirit of the team.

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