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    Posted by Joel Martin on June 14, 2021 at 6:53 PM

    “Ownership culture” is where and where every employee equally shares failures and success which leads to an effective organisational developmental startegy.

    With a belief in the organisation’s operating model and a feeling of

    empowerment, employees develop an “ownership” attitude

    that offers tremendous value proposition for dealing with varied degrees of business challenges.

    The ownership culture is characterized by a high degree of accountability and initiative on the part of employees.

    Having established an ownership culture, an organisation continuously updates employees about the happenings in the organisation, gives them total control, and helps them put positive energy for the organisational growth.

    This ownership culture gives the organisation a significant

    competitive advantage.

    ownership culture” motivates the employees to go

    beyond their duties, demonstrate high job involvement and

    show commitment to a great extent.

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