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  • The importance of (Organisational Needs Analysis) ONA.

    Posted by Joel Martin on June 19, 2021 at 6:11 PM

    Hierarchical organizational structure is becoming more circular. There’s no one person at the top running the show. Through ONA, HR professionals can get insights on how information flows and how decisions are made within the organization.

    This method can help HR teams identify employees that influence groups and share information as well as outliers who may be turnover risks.

    There are several ways for HR teams to do ONA for their organizations. Surveys can help reveal employees’ working relationships with their colleagues. Technology these days allow companies to cast a wider net for ONA by tracking data on employees’ email inboxes, calendars, and phones, as well as monitoring activity on collaboration platforms.

    A combination of these methods may yield the best results for HR teams wanting to discover and tap into the employee networks in their organizations.

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