Creating a culture of feedback !!

  • Creating a culture of feedback !!

    Posted by Joel Martin on July 22, 2021 at 6:52 PM

    A good feedback motivates employees and enhances productivity levels.

    Besides employee feedback.

    There is another feedback that organisations require and is essential for an organisation to prosper.

    Intelligent organisations adapt methods and techniques to get feedback from their employees.

    Organisations rely on these feedbacks/suggestions to make improvements.

    A continous organisational feedback , gives employees the feeling that they belong to the system. Hence elevating feelings of belonging and loyalty to the organisation.

    In many case employees may not provide any feedback considering a concern for the repercursions.

    Organisations need to provide safe and discreet methods for providing feedback in such cases.

    However, organisations that maintain a open and cooperative working environment can assist employees to provide feedback with ease.

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