Focusing on employee wellness leads to healthier,engaged, productiveworkforce

  • Focusing on employee wellness leads to healthier,engaged, productiveworkforce

    Posted by Joel Martin on March 5, 2021 at 5:25 PM

    Now more than ever, savvy company leaders know that workers who are well in all aspects of their lives are healthier, more engaged and more productive, which leads to more loyal and satisfied customers.

    Living and working during a pandemic, coupled with increased stress levels in a demanding and time-compressed world, has prompted many companies to turn to wellness programs to stem rising costs and to prevent, delay or manage chronic or debilitating health conditions among their employees.

    For employees to reach their maximum engagement and productivity, enterprise leaders must lead by example and provide the necessary expertise, tools, support and encouragement so that functional leaders can provide wellness resources locally.

    Companies often start by implementing individual programs around tobacco cessation, gym memberships, and healthier food and drink options in their cafeterias. More-evolved organizations introduce additional offerings, such as enhanced parental-leave policies, personal-energy management courses, mindfulness seminars and pet-friendly workplaces, to promote a more holistic and integrated approach to wellness.

    Indeed, research suggests that wellness programs focused only on physical health don’t produce better health outcomes or reduce spending over the long term. Gallup research indicates that a focus on five elements of well-being—career, social, financial, physical and community—allows people to thrive.

    For wellness programs to be even more successful in a future filled with uncertainty and opportunity, they must be treated as more than a series of benefits. They must be part of companies’ overall decision-making and instilled into corporate cultures. Ultimately, each organization will define its own commitment to well-being by aligning its approach and actions with its culture, strategy and market position.

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