HR – New Trends

  • HR – New Trends

    Posted by Joel Martin on March 22, 2021 at 6:40 PM

    (This story originally appeared in on Mar 10, 2021)

    Are you good at problem-solving with good interpersonal skills? Do you have strong technical skills with a humanities background? Can you think inside the box — be creative in a confined space — a skill set that’s needed during a crisis like a pandemic?

    If so, you are hired.

    We will welcome talent that displays non-linear thinking at work. As a society, we have been trained to deal with limited data. With data explosion, information is abundant and now the real deal is finding the ‘relevant needle in a haystack’,” said KPMG India’s digital advisory head Akhilesh Tuteja.

    👉 There’s a growing demand for people who not only have specific qualifications to transform an organisation digitally but can also demonstrate a combination of other attributes like inter-personal skills and are pragmatic with a sharp analytical mind.

    We expect agility and a life-long learning approach for potential.

    The change in the nature of talent requirement is not restricted to any one function of an organisation. It cuts across all departments.

    👉 Take the case of human resources, for instance.

    In three years, the manner in which the HR function has undergone a change is dramatic. We now have data scientists, analytics and data experts working in HR.

    Every HR practitioner is expected to manage massive amounts of data and also derive useful insights. It’s a skill every HR practitioner needs to possess.

    manager today needs to have the ability to handle change.

    As HR professionals, are we preparing enough to deal with the rapid changes?

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