New tech for New hires!!

  • New tech for New hires!!

    Posted by Joel Martin on July 13, 2021 at 6:31 PM

    Organisations have come up with new tech and tools to help incubate new employees into their organisations.

    When a new employee joins, a personalized feature gives them information along with pictures showing the leadership team they’ll be working with, who they are and what they do, as well as their interests.

    New employees get to learn some interesting fun facts about our leadership team and their manager.

    Additionally, a buddy program will help guide them through the first weeks, months.

    Typically when a person signs their offer letter, it may be a couple of weeks or more before their first day. During that time, companies don’t usually contact their employees.

    A Welcome tool is sent to the new employees before their first day at work. This helps keep that person engaged with the company, excited about the job, and makes them continue to feel like they made the right decision.

    The tool also comes with automated tasks and reminders to help new hires understand their role and responsibilities. For example, the system reminds every new employee several weeks into their jobs to give feedback about their first few weeks in the new position.

    “This helps take the guesswork out of remembering to ask, because the system will trigger the person who is responsible for completing that task to actually do that task.

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