The 4 behavioral types – ‘C’ Compliance


  • The 4 behavioral types – ‘C’ Compliance

    Posted by Joel Martin on February 26, 2021 at 6:00 PM

    The 4 behavioral types – ‘C’ Compliance

    👉High Compliance interested in, and

    👍 Places a high value, on facts, figures, data, and reason

    💡Analytical, systematic, and methodical

    👉Follows an orderly approach in tackling tasks

    👉Well organized and thorough

    👉May be viewed too cautious, overly structured;

    👉Someone who does things too much according to the rules

    👧👨Can you think of someone who fits this

    ➡With high C

    ✔Be well prepared

    ✔ Get straight down to business

    ✔ Listen carefully

    ✔ Be specific and logical

    ✔ Be persistent and thorough in questioning

    ✔ Be formal and unemotional when challenging

    ✔ Give them time to give their point of view

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