The need for training.

  • The need for training.

    Posted by Joel Martin on June 18, 2021 at 7:28 PM

    In this rapidly disruptive period, employers recognized the need to equip their workforce with new skills – quickly – to maintain productivity,” says Keith MacKenzie, Workable’s Content Strategy Manager.

    “For example, the shift to remote work for many companies has led to an urgent need for new soft skills such as the ability to work independently and asynchronously,”

    Keith adds. “Recruiters and HR managers normally accustomed to in-person hiring, onboarding and training are suddenly needing to develop skills to continue to do all of this, online, in a virtual environment.”

    Eleftheria Papatheodorou, Customer Support and Training Director at TalentLMS, highlighted the value of online training:

    “In this collective time, companies across industries, no matter their size or needs, moved their training online to keep going,”

    Not all companies indeed assigned more courses after the coronavirus outbreak, but they definitely will in the future since all their existing offline training is, for the most part, officially online.

    We’re entering a period where online training is not another solution but the only way to go. Employers like it, employees love it, and it gets you geared up for the unexpected. So what could go wrong?

    However, not all employee expectations were met – 42% of employees said they pursued outside training in addition to their employer’s existing program.

    The survey found that 74% of those employees who haven’t received any upskilling and reskilling training would prefer to work for a company that offers upskilling or reskilling opportunities.

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