Competency Mapping


CHRMP Team · July 9, 2020

What You’ll Learn From Competency Mapping

As a student, here’s what you will learn:

  • Identify and enumerate the competencies required for various roles
  • Distinguish between Job Description/Job Specifications and Competency Matrix
  • Create Competency indicators for different competency areas
  • Design and develop the Competency Matrix
  • Use Competency Matrix for various HR functions in an organization
  • Develop Competency framework using Competency areas, indicators and levels

Here is what we will focus on during this module 

  • Introduction to competency-based HRM
  • Understanding competencies
  • Competency-based HRM vs traditional HRM
  • Competency mapping 
  • Writing competency indicators
  • Understanding competency 
  • Understanding competency matrix
  • Competency Assessment

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  1. Thanks for the presentation. It was helpful in could serve as a guide to start a competency mapping. The course is closely related to social learning theory, especially observational learning.

    1. Hi Binni, it is the introduction lesson so it has the ‘Start course’ button and from the next lesson you will find the complete button. Please let us know if you are able to find it.